Once upon a time, in the midst of a heat wave, there was an industrial city where gorgeous garlands, detailed ornaments, unique stockings, eye-catching outdoor and indoor decorations, and stunning trinkets of all wholesale Christmas sorts adorned the long stretches of aisles inside Four Seasons’ Vernon showroom.

Yes, it’s time!

Sounds like we’re getting ahead of ourselves because we haven’t mentioned anything about Halloween. It’s just that the anticipation of buying and selling Christmas products (the biggest profit-maker) has already begun and many of the items are a real treat to see! We’ve got plenty Halloween merchandise though, including head-turning costumes, spooky outdoor and indoor home décor, and pumpkin kits that will fill your caldrons and store shelves to maximize your sales.

Seems as if only last week we were talking about back-to-school products. We don’t need to remind you that we carry an extensive selection of school supplies all year long, (which includes children’s character licensed wholesale products). But you don’t really need to worry anymore, you’ve got that covered, right? Remember our showroom has begun to harvest Halloween and Christmas wholesale merchandise already, come in or log onto and see! Just contact your sales representative or e-mail for details now!

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