27_NpAdvMainFeaWe are sure that when you opened up (or if you’re opening) a store you had a target customer in mind. Middle-class? Single? Hipsters? Male or Female? Whoever it may be always think about your target customer and continue to build your store around them. Because remember: you can’t be all things to all people.

If you don’t know whom your target customer is, your strategies grow weak, go off track and ultimately fail. Here are some questions about demographics, lifestyles, and customer wants to get you started to identifying your target customer.

How much does the target customer spend on your retail category? What type of job does your target customer work in? What is their ethnicity? What is their education level? What cultural values and customs are important? How does the target customer spend his/her time? How important is your product to the target customer? Is convenience important? Another good question could be whether they are male, female, or both?

Perhaps it sounds like just a bunch of questions, but if you identify and focus on the right demographic, you spend your dollars in the right categories, you avoid excess dead merchandise, and buy products that bring you true profit. Get to know your customer, and then get to know www.4sgm.com, your profit source – today!

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